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Same Day Courier Service for the TV & Film Production Industry

Our dedicated same day courier crews specialise in handling the unique demands of the TV & film industry, ensuring that everything from scripts to elaborate stage setups reaches its destination on time. From delivering props, makeup, costumes, to intricate film equipment, we understand the critical role time plays in the industry, and we are committed to meeting tight deadlines, allowing you to meet your production schedule timeline.

Nationwide and International Courier Services for TV & Film Production 

At present, Speedy Freight’s same-day couriers are facilitating the urgent delivery of film scripts, stage props, and more across the UK and Europe. Our trusted couriers are experienced in handling a diverse range of items, from large and bulky stage scenes to delicate lighting and camera equipment. Recognised for our ability to deliver quickly, securely, and within tight deadlines, we contribute to the continuous flow of production, ultimately saving both time and money for our clients.

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Your First Choice Courier Service for the TV & Film Production Industry 


Reliability and strong relationships are at the core of effective courier services in the film industry. We aspire to be your preferred courier service, establishing long-term partnerships that cater to your film and production logistics requirements. Unlike other same-day couriers, we focus exclusively on the collection and delivery of film and production consignments, ensuring no additional stop-offs or diversions. Our commitment to delivering safely, securely, and on time, coupled with regular updates on delivery status, provides you with the peace of mind to focus on your creative endeavors. 

Operating 24/7, 365 days a year, our professional couriers undergo rigorous training in handling film and production equipment. Whether it’s a daytime delivery or overnight transport, our team is dedicated to keeping cameras rolling, ensuring your goods reach you precisely when you need them. Partnering with Speedy Freight means access to a vast fleet of over 4,000 vehicles, including specialist options, and a network of 60 strategic delivery depots, guaranteeing proximity to your film set. 

  • Time-Critical Deliveries

    Speedy Freight understands the time-sensitive nature of the TV and film production industry. Our courier service is tailored to meet tight production schedules, ensuring that your crucial equipment, props, or documents reach their destination on time. We specialise in swift, reliable deliveries, minimising downtime and allowing your production to stay on schedule.

  • Specialised Handling for Fragile Equipment

    TV and film production equipment often requires delicate handling to prevent damage. Speedy Freight’s courier service provides specialised handling for fragile and high-value items. Our trained professionals use industry-specific packaging and equipment to ensure that your delicate gear arrives in pristine condition, allowing you to focus on creating without worry.

  • Secure and Confidential Shipments

    We understand the importance of confidentiality in the TV and film production industry. Speedy Freight employs strict security measures to safeguard your scripts, unreleased footage, or other sensitive materials during transit. Our courier service prioritises discretion and privacy, providing you with peace of mind that your valuable content is in safe hands.

  • Real-Time Updates and Communication

    Stay in control of your shipments with our advanced tracking system. Speedy Freight provides real-time updates on the location and status of your deliveries. Our proactive communication ensures that you are informed every step of the way, allowing you to make informed decisions and adjustments to your production plans as needed.

  • Flexible and Scalable Solutions

    The production industry’s needs can vary greatly, and we understand the importance of flexibility. Speedy Freight offers scalable courier solutions, allowing you to adapt to changing requirements. Whether you need to transport a single package or coordinate complex logistics for an entire film crew, our tailored services can be customised to meet your unique demands.

  • Specialist Temperature-Controlled Transport

    Certain TV and film production materials, such as sensitive camera equipment or perishable props, require specific environmental conditions. Speedy Freight offers specialist temperature-controlled transport options to ensure that your assets are maintained in optimal conditions throughout the journey. From climate-controlled vans to refrigerated compartments, our courier service provides the necessary environment for your items, preserving their quality and functionality.

  • Global Reach with Customs Expertise

    For international film production projects, Speedy Freight extends its services globally, with a focus on seamless customs clearance. Our team is well-versed in navigating international shipping regulations and customs procedures. We streamline the process, reducing the risk of delays and ensuring a smooth transition across borders. Trust Speedy Freight for a reliable international courier service that understands the intricacies of cross-border logistics, allowing you to focus on the creative aspects of your production.

Speedy Freight Same Day Courier Service FAQs Speedy Freight Same Day Courier Service FAQs

Film and TV Production Logistics FAQ

  • Why choose a specialised TV & film production courier service?

    A specialist courier service for the TV and film production industry understands the unique requirements of the industry, providing swift and secure transportation of critical items such as scripts, props, and equipment. At Speedy Freight, our dedicated same day delivery service ensures that productions stay on the fast track, avoiding disruptions and saving valuable time and resources.
  • How does a same day courier benefit the TV & film production industry?

    A same day courier service is crucial for the film and production industry as it allows for the rapid transport of time-sensitive materials. Whether it’s delivering urgent scripts or intricate stage setups, Speedy Freight’s same day courier service is key to maintaining tight production schedules and meeting deadlines, ultimately facilitating a seamless production process.
  • What sets apart a dedicated TV and film production courier service from general courier services?

    Unlike general courier services, Speedy Freight’s dedicated film and production courier service focusses exclusively on handling film-related consignments. We address the unique needs of the industry, providing direct courier deliveries without additional stop-offs or diversions. This specialisation ensures a higher level of reliability and efficiency for the film and production sector.
  • How does a specialist TV and film production courier service ensure the safety of delicate equipment during transit?

    At Speedy Freight, our teams are trained in the expedited handling of delicate and valuable equipment. Additionally, we offer a range of services and vehicles to ensure the swift and safe transportation of fragile items, such as lighting and camera equipment.
  • How quickly can a dedicated TV and film production courier service respond to last-minute emergencies?

    When you place a booking with Speedy Freight, we aim to be on-site within one hour of receiving a booking, recognising the urgency often associated with the industry. This swift response ensures that critical items, such as props or costumes needed for an unexpected shoot, can be swiftly and efficiently delivered.

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