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International Deliveries of Building Supplies: A Case Study

18th January 2023 | by Sam Nardi

International Deliveries of Building Supplies: A Case Study
As same day UK & EU courier specialists, we often deal with last-minute local and national deliveries. However, we also do international business deliveries to help get your company’s goods wherever they need to be, anywhere in the world, in a safe, secure, and timely manner. In this case study, we delve into how we handled the international delivery needs of a business based in the greater Manchester area. Having previously used our same day delivery service, their business needs had evolved, and we were able to scale with them and offer the services they needed to go forward. Discover how Speedy Freight stepped in and got all their international delivery needs sorted.


The Client 


Speedy Freight Stockport came into contact with a leading designer and manufacturer of shading and protection for building interiors and exteriors. As one of the leading UK manufacturers of products that make buildings more comfortable for their occupants, their work can be seen at major establishments and key locations across the UK. 


The company had previously used Speedy Freight’s dedicated same day delivery service to move building supplies across the UK. During one of our check-ins with the company to see how we could adapt our services to their rapidly expanding delivery needs, they told us that they were struggling with international delivery.  


As an end-to-end logistics provider that offers express courier services, as well as scalable local, national, and international business deliveries, we were able to discuss how we could help them navigate the current challenges they were facing and offer them a solution. 


The Challenges 


Our Stockport courier team set up a meeting with them to find out exactly how we could help them with their international delivery needs. They expressed their need for help with international deliveries and customs declarations, as well as their concern with finding a cost-effective solution to their international delivery needs. 


The company was already familiar with our reliable and trustworthy service, having been frequent users of some of our express courier services for their UK deliveries. The company trusted us to offer solutions for optimising their international deliveries. The business was having issues with their current supplier due to customs paperwork not being completed correctly resulting in long and costly delays at port. 


As a courier and logistics provider with industry-specific tools and expertise, including the construction and manufacturing industries, we were able to quickly respond to their needs and get started on offering them custom solutions for their business.  


Offering a cost-effective solution for their international loads proved to be challenging, but with careful consideration and in-depth conversation with our client, we were able to offer them a solution they were happy to go forward with. 


As Speedy Freight offers exclusive pricing, our Stockport team was able to provide them with quotes that were completely tailored to their exact needs and specifications, to ensure they were getting the most cost-effective solution. This wouldn’t have been possible with a logistics provider who offers standard pricing that doesn’t take every client’s specific needs into consideration. 


The Consignment 


The company had 3m pallets they needed to be delivered. Our first delivery with them was a trial delivery from the UK to the Netherlands using a Luton van. With access to a fleet of over 4,000 vehicles, it was easy for us to know which vehicle was right for the job. We also had instant access to the required delivery vehicle, so we were able to load it and get on the road as soon as possible to deliver their consignment quickly and efficiently. 

The delivery was a success. Our specialist export services simplified the process for our client, and we supported them to complete all the paperwork and customs forms, and got their goods delivered within two days.  


Since the success of the trial delivery, we’ve been consistently working with them on their international deliveries, which they book 24 hours in advance. We now deliver full loads for them, and they request specific vehicles for their deliveries, generally using 2-3 articulated lorries per week. 


Following the success of the trial delivery and the deliveries that followed, other project managers at the company started using Speedy Freight for their international deliveries. 


The Conclusion 


We overcame the challenges faced by providing them with tailored solutions to fit their needs. 


The client expressed their satisfaction with our deliveries and recognised that we saved them costs associated with late, lost, and damaged goods. As a dedicated service, that means we never co-load our deliveries, so the vehicles were loaded with this sole client’s deliveries and right on their way to their destination.  


This proved to be the ideal solution for our client, who dealt with high-value and high-volume goods that needed to be delivered safely and securely. Our dedicated export service provided them with peace of mind and saved them the headache of filling out customs clearance paperwork. 


Since our first trial delivery, we’ve developed a strong professional working relationship with the company. In the new year, we’ll be hosting a workshop with them in order to discuss international deliveries and give them a better understanding of the international paperwork required to prevent mishaps, delays, and extra charges.  


Their positive experience with our same day courier service and specialist export service has led them to   also sign on with our freight warehousing service. Going forward, we will be storing pallets for them, as well as transporting the pallets to and from the warehouse.  


We’re excited to move to the next step of our working relationship with this company and look forward to scaling our services and finding the tailored solution to all their future needs.  


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