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Managing a Delivery Crisis: An Engineering Parts Courier Case Study

14th February 2023 | by Sam Nardi

Managing a Delivery Crisis: An Engineering Parts Courier Case Study
Engineering companies and manufacturers of engineering parts need specialist delivery teams that can handle large, heavy and otherwise difficult to move objects. From urgent same day delivery to storing sensitive and high-value goods overnight for next day delivery, we pride ourselves on always being able to offer a solution for our clients in the engineering industry, even when obstacles arise. Learn more about how our Speedy Freight Ipswich team was able to navigate unforeseen challenges and a crisis that arose during one of our deliveries for a global manufacturer of specialised ventilation systems.


The Client 


Our Speedy Freight Ipswich team was approached by one of the world’s leading design, manufacturing and supplier of ventilation and air movement products and systems for commercial, industrial, residential, and OEM applications. 

They supply products for a range of establishments around the world, from hospitals and laboratories to schools and universities. Servicing a range of industries, their delivery needs can vary greatly in size and volume and can take them quite literally anywhere in the world. 

When dealing with highly specialised engineering parts and materials, opting for an engineering parts courier service is key in ensuring your goods are handled with expert care from pickup, to handling, and drop off.  

Familiar with our services and requiring express courier services in Ipswich, our client contacted our Speedy Freight Ipswich team to deliver goods to one of their customers based in Scotland. 


The Consignment 


Our client is one whom we’ve worked with on multiple occasions. In one of their job bookings, they asked us to deliver engineering parts from London to Scotland in a Luton van. The job required an evening collection with next day delivery. 

Our team was quick to assess their needs and provide a solution with our express courier services. Using our online consultation form or contacting us by phone or email allows us to assess the type of vehicle needed for the job and offer a tailored price thanks to our flexible customised pricing. 

What started as a straightforward delivery from Ipswich to Scotland soon encountered an issue, that our team was able to mitigate before it developed into a crisis. 


The Challenges  


On the morning of delivery, upon arrival at the site, we received notification that due to staff illness, there was no availability of a forklift driver to offload the goods from the vehicle.  

Our client advised us that it was imperative that the goods remain close to the site and asked us if we had means to hold the goods for a day and attempt re-delivery the following day, with the hopes that the receiving site would have a forklift driver to offload the goods. 

By assessing our options to find the most viable and feasible option, we were able to facilitate warehousing at a local site where the goods could be offloaded and stored.  

This enabled us to significantly reduce costs for our customer, as they did not have to have their goods returned, which would have incurred additional costs. 

Similarly, it also meant that the driver was able to carry on with the planned works they had in place. The following day, prior to booking in another vehicle to collect and attempt delivery again, we took the initiative to contact the receiving site to see and ensure that they had an available forklift driver.  

We got confirmation that their staff member was still ill, and true to our ‘logistics made simple’ motto, we immediately notified our client of the circumstances and they requested that we hold the goods an additional day. 


The Conclusion


We were eventually able to facilitate the successful delivery of the goods after two days of safely holding their items. Both our client and their customer expressed their gratitude with our ability to handle a crisis situation and offer a solution that proved to be viable, reliable, and feasible for all parties involved.   

Since this encounter, we’ve developed our relationship with this client, whereby they are confident in our ability to deliver what they need, manage any unforeseen challenges that may arise, and are appreciative and have made use of the range of services we offer, including same day delivery. 


Express Courier Services for the Engineering Industry 


If you’re looking for someone who can handle the deliveries of products and parts within the engineering industry, look no further than Speedy Freight. We pride ourselves on our 5-star Trustpilot rating and review from companies ranging from the hospitality industry to the engineering industry. 

We’re problem solvers who have the tools, industry knowledge, and expertise to handle consignments from all sectors of the engineering industry, from aviation to industrial systems. 

As a courier service that is available 24/7 365 days a year, just give us a call or fill out our online consultation form when you need something delivered quickly and efficiently.


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