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On-Site Deliveries of Woodworking Materials: A Construction Courier Case Study

5th April 2023 | by Sam Nardi

On-Site Deliveries of Woodworking Materials: A Construction Courier Case Study
Our construction courier service can handle all the weird and wonderful consignments you can send our way. With our 24-hour same day delivery service, Speedy Freight can deliver construction materials of any size, shape, and weights on-site to residential or commercial projects. Read our case study to discover how one of our team’s quick-thinking skills, and expertise as a construction courier has allowed them to remain flexible and adaptive to meet their client’s every transportation need.


The Client 


Our client is a high-end designer and woodworking specialist, offering bespoke interiors to clients across a range of industries. 

Their works can be seen in a number of domestic and commercial sectors. They specialise in providing bespoke woodworking interiors to residential homes, to businesses operating within the healthcare, education, retail sectors and more. 


The Consignment 


Our client services a range of buildings provided one-off custom interiors and furnishings. As the size of the jobs vary greatly, their delivery needs scale up or down depending on the job. 

Many of their projects are built on-site at their clients’ residential and commercial properties. 

Their requirements when selecting a courier included 24-hour availability, a same day courier service, and the ability to respond to last-minute delivery needs.  

Our Speedy Freight Romford team checked all their boxes and have since been able to deliver on all their same day Romford courier requirements. 

Deliveries for our client generally vary greatly in size. As a joinery, the scope of their woodworking projects depends entirely on the client.  

We’ve delivered a range of woodworking materials on-site to help them continue working and deliver crucial pieces so they can maintain the flow and speed of their projects, and not be held back by any delays resulting from missing or forgetting a crucial piece. 

Using our same day delivery and next day delivery services, both advanced bookings and last-minute bookings at any time of day, we’ve always been able to meet our client’s needs with our on-demand flexible transport solutions. 


The Challenges 


Many of the jobs we do for this client are last-minute bookings outside of traditional working hours.

As the sites they work on vary greatly in size and location, they’re not always easily accessible with larger transport vehicles. 

This was recently the case when our Speedy Freight Romford team navigated a delivery challenge when they quickly reailsed that the site our client was working would not accept anything larger than a Luton van. Our client’s consignments far exceeded the maximum dimensions and weight a single Luton van could transport.  

As we have access to thousands of delivery vehicles, from small vans to artics, and since we couldn’t send in anything bigger than a Luton to that particular site, our team acted quickly and sent the big load in a few smaller vehicles on-site.

This allowed our client to get all their required items in one single delivery slot, so they could keep working, while also meeting the specific site’s vehicle size restrictions.  

Our 24-hour availability has also allowed us to deliver when our client needs, as they often work outside of traditional hours. Any time of day or night, we’ve been there to sort out the appropriate transport solution for them. 


The Conclusion 


By thinking ahead, we mitigated any delays our client could have potentially faced if we had been stopped at the delivery site for having a vehicle whose size exceeded their limitations. By thinking ahead, listening to and working with our client, and having the tools and expertise to manage unforeseen delivery challenges, we’ve developed a great working relationship with our client. 

They entrust us to deliver to sites across the UK, from schools to private residences, and we’re always there with the proper dedicated vehicle for the job. 


Speedy Freight’s Same Day Construction Courier Service 


No matter what you need delivered, Speedy Freight always have the transport solution for you. If you operate within the construction sector, we can deliver everything from pallets of bricks to high-value joinery goods. 

Here’s just a few reasons why companies operating in the architectural, design, manufacturing, and construction sectors choose Speedy Freight: 


  • Dedicated service, meaning we never co-load 

  • 24-hour availability, 365 days a year 

  • Efficient, secure, and reliable same day delivery 

  • Access to a fleet of 4,000 vehicles, from small vans to artics 

  • 60 branches across the UK and Europe, ready to go when you need us 

  • Pickup within 60 minutes, when requesting a Luton van or smaller 

  • Expertise across all industries 

  • A 5-star Trustpilot rating, with over 1,100 5-star reviews from our clients 


Whether you have a one-off same day same day delivery requirement or need a full end-to-end logistics provider, Speedy Freight has a range of construction courier, freight, and specialist services to meet your every transport need. 


Contact Speedy Freight to find out how we can go the extra mile for you.

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