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Speedy Freight Celebrates National Apprenticeship Week 2023

8th February 2023 | by Sam Nardi

Speedy Freight Celebrates National Apprenticeship Week 2023
This year’s National Apprenticeship Week theme is #SkillsForLife. Learn more about how teams across the Speedy Freight network take on apprentices and provide them with work experience within the logistics sector to help them develop the skills they need to start and progress in their careers. Discover what our current and past apprentices have to say about their experience and how Speedy Freight helped them balance their studies and gain valuable work experience to launch their careers.


National Apprenticeship Week (NAW) recognises and celebrates the accomplishments of apprentices across the UK.  

This year, Speedy Freight is celebrating National Apprenticeship Week by highlighting the apprentices across our network and the managers who have taken them on to help them develop their skills and provide valuable work experience as they pursue their studies. 

Across the Speedy Freight network, we have several apprentices currently working at some of our branches. We also have current team members occupying a range of full-time roles who started their careers as Speedy Freight apprentices.  


Speedy Freight National Apprenticeship Week Features


Apprentice Feature: Hannah Moss, Customer Service Advisor, Speedy Freight Lancaster 


Hannah is a Customer Service Advisor at the Speedy Freight Lancaster branch. 

She began her studies and apprenticeship at Speedy Freight in 2018, where she was able to learn several skills first-hand from marketing to operations.  

She completed her Business Management, BA (Hons) – CMDA Degree Apprenticeship at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN) in July 2022, and has now joined the Speedy Freight Lancaster team in a full-time position. 

We visited Hannah to learn more about her apprenticeship degree, how she balanced work and her studies, and what she’s learned working for Speedy Freight for the past four years.



Where and what did you study? 


UCLAN University. Business Management, BA (Hons) – CMDA Degree  


What does a day in your life look like?  


Every day seems to be different, offering our customers different transports solutions.  


How do you combine work with your studies?  


I went to university one day a week and completed my assignments during evenings and weekends. The apprenticeship focuses on your own organisation which really helped me put theory into practice. Developing my knowledge of business functions enabled me to understand how my organisation works and its best practices, boosting my confidence in my daily role.  


What’s your favourite part of your role at Speedy Freight?  


So far, the most rewarding thing for me is using my knowledge from university to understand business needs and how we can continue to improve the service offered. My favourite part about this is building relationships with customers to understand their needs and how I can help them on a daily basis. 


Branch Feature: Speedy Freight Doncaster, Hull & York


For National Apprenticeship Week, we’re also highlighting the current apprentices across our network.  

Simon Chorlton, General Manager of Speedy Freight Doncaster, Hull & York, has been taking on apprentices within his branch for several years, including Tia, a current apprentice who is studying Business Administration at Doncaster College. 

Jordan, who now occupies the full-time role of Operations Assistant at Speedy Freight Doncaster, also began her career as a Speedy Freight apprentice, and was awarded Business Support Apprentice of the year in 2022. 

We spoke to the team to learn more about how taking on apprentices has been beneficial to his operations and how apprenticeships have enabled members of his team to work their way up to full-time positions. 


Manager View: Simon Chorlton, Speedy Freight Doncaster   


What led you to taking the apprentice route?  


It was an opportunity to add a new staff member in the early stages of our development. As we have grown, our apprentices have moved to full-time positions within the branch. 

How many apprentices have you taken on in your branch?  


We have now had three apprentices in total, and Tia is still undergoing her apprenticeship. The others have both completed their apprenticeships and now have full-time positions within the business.  

One has moved from the Customer Service Advisor role and is now my Business Development Manager. 


What would you say are the benefits that apprentices have brought to your business?  


Apprentices are always keen to learn and easily adapt and fit into the office culture. 


Apprentice View: Tia Gaunt, Speedy Freight Doncaster


Where and what did you study? 


 Business Administration at Doncaster College 


How do you combine work with your studies?  


When leaving school, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do but I knew I wanted something that included work whilst getting a qualification, so this was the perfect option. I have the full day at college with lessons in the morning and study in the afternoon which gives me enough time to cover any studies without having to cut into any work time.  


What does a day in your life look like?  


I start work in the office at 08:30 and my day consists of answering any customer queries that come in, whether it is phone calls or emails. I work closely with my colleagues in sales and operations and support when needed. 


What’s your favourite part of your role at Speedy Freight? 


My favourite part about the job is getting to speak with a range of different people every day, engaging in conversations and increasing my confidence while doing so. 


Apprentice View: Jordan Blore, Speedy Freight Doncaster


Where and what did you study? 


Doncaster College and University Centre (Business Administrator Level 3) 


What made you choose logistics? 


I didn’t really understand what logistics was at the start of my apprenticeship, only that it was the transportation of goods. I was looking for a role working in an office where I could build up my skills and gain real-life experience. The role of Operations Apprentice fit the bill perfectly, I could tell during my first interview where is could familiarise myself with the whole office. 

I observed what their daily roles were and took note of what tasks would be expected of me. From this observation, I realised there was more to logistics that I didn’t know and that I was keen to learn more. Even though I had studied business at GCSE level, I realised that Speedy Freight Doncaster could offer me much more knowledge about the logistics industry as well as a clear understanding of what it takes to monitor, manage, and maintain a business. 


What does a day in your life look like?  


I converse with customers and suppliers on a daily basis, provide transport solutions, solve queries, provide feedback to drivers, solve issues that may arise. My apprenticeship was through covid, so all my learning was online and my final assessment. I was only in the office two months before we all went to work from home.  


How did you combine work with your studies?  


I studied one day a week from home and completed my assignments. My colleagues were really helpful and if I ever needed any information or training, they would provide it. They helped me balance my work and study life by giving me advice and liaising regularly with my tutor at college. 


What’s your favourite part of your role at Speedy Freight?  


My favourite part of my role is helping customers resolve their transport dilemmas. The gratitude they express makes me feel like an appreciated part of the team. This has enabled me to build positive relationships with our customers and gain more confidence when communicating with them. 


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