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Things To Know When Using A Courier For Fragile Items

21st October 2019 | by Aimee Spilsbury

Things To Know When Using A Courier For Fragile Items

It can seem daunting to send fragile items via a courier, even a specialised one. Read our checklist of things to know when using a courier for fragile items, to help keep any items safe and secure.



Sending fragile items via a courier can be a critical process. For most, finding a suitable courier to send fragile items can be an overwhelming experience, thanks to concerns about the security of the items when travelling. To make sure that fragile goods arrive safely where and when they need to, it helps to have a checklist of things to know before and when you engage a courier service to transport fragile items. Below is a checklist of essential things to know when considering and employing a courier for fragile items.


Transportation of Small Fragile Items


Transporting small fragile items is a common requirement for many businesses. Whether retail, manufacturing or marketing and print – arranging a dedicated courier to transport small fragile items is a key stage of production. For retail stores which specialise in same day delivery or next day delivery of small and breakable items, Speedy Freight represents a safe pair of hands!

With our aim to collect from one hour after you place your order, we are efficient, but thanks to our expert local knowledge thanks to our regional networks, we never risk the safety and security of your small fragile items by taking unpredictable routes. In addition, our dedicated courier service means that your small fragile items are transported correctly and immediately, with no stops en route or other cargo in the vehicle. Our small vans keep your goods snug and secure, to meet your deadline with packages in perfect condition, every time.


Transportation of Fragile Medical Equipment


Transporting medical equipment can be a critical and urgent process, and particularly if the equipment is fragile. Delivering life-saving medical equipment requires the utmost care and efficiency, and a dedicated courier service which ensures its safety and security from origin to destination.

At Speedy Freight, we are well-versed in transporting specialist medical equipment, which is usually fragile and often has delicate components. Our same day dedicated courier service means that we can assist in the movement of fragile medical machinery as needed, without compromising its safety during travel.


Transportation of Fragile Furniture


Transporting fragile furniture can be complex to organise. In terms of delivering fragile furniture to retailers or customer homes, it is key to find a dedicated courier service with experience in organising and executing such trips.

Speedy Freight have supplied a wealth of furniture delivery services, including working with a dedicated furniture manufacturer based outside the UK. In this case, as a result of their expertise, Speedy Freight were selected to provide the company’s brand-new white glove home delivery service, specialising in the home delivery of fragile furniture.

How Does Your Courier Work?


Another crucial thing to know when using a courier for fragile items is the courier service’s approach to transportation of goods, i.e. whether or not the driver remains the same on both trips, or whether the courier provides a shared service. On collection and delivery jobs, for the majority of couriers it is not always the case that the driver remains the same for both journeys. Within Speedy Freight’s dedicated courier service, the driver who collects also delivers. This means you can be sure your fragile items are in the best hands, with a courier aware right from the beginning of the journey of the nature of your items.

Though shared courier services can be cheaper, it’s important to make sure your goods are protected. At Speedy Freight, we never take risks with your fragile items. All of our courier services are dedicated to transporting your goods the best way we can – which to us means individual services, guaranteeing your courier service is never shared with anyone else. Your fragile items are at no risk of bumping into anyone else’s boxes, helping them to stay in perfect condition. This dedicated service also means you can rely on the speed of our delivery, because we don’t make any other stops on the way.


How Secure Are Your Items?


The most vital aspect of using a courier for fragile items is the security of the service available to you. When you put your fragile items in the hands of a courier service, the main thing you want to ensure the safety and security of the transportation to guarantee their arrival in the same condition that they left in.

At Speedy Freight, we keep your fragile items safe in two ways: a dedicated vehicle to transport your items in, and the experience and expertise of our team.

The safety and security of your items is ensured with our wide range of vehicles, which allows you to select the perfect vehicle for your needs. Safely courier your fragile items with ease thanks to our access to a diverse fleet. Whether it’s a Small Van, perfect for transporting those smaller valuables, our mid-size Long Wheel Base vehicles for those heavier fragile items, to our hefty 18-Tonne trucks capable of transporting larger items and your bulk requirements, we can cover all these and any in between, always selecting the appropriate vehicle for your goods.

In addition, our team are well-versed in the rules and regulations of the Highway Code which determine the transportation of goods, ensuring that your fragile items are transported in the safest way possible. Our drivers will secure the consignment in place, ensuring its security within the vehicle. Thanks to Speedy Freight’s network of local branches, our drivers’ in-depth knowledge of the surrounding area is second-to-none, guaranteeing an efficient journey and fast delivery.

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