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Wholesale Warehousing and Storage Solutions

20th April 2023 | by Sam Nardi

Wholesale Warehousing and Storage Solutions
Warehousing is increasingly popular for SMEs and businesses without industrial space of their own. Speedy Freight’s warehouse services are client-focused, as we offer storage and distribution solutions tailored to your needs. Using a dedicated warehousing operation allows for stock to be held and shipped without sourcing a facility of your own. Experts in logistics, Speedy Freight can solve your warehousing problems with ease. Learn more here.


Wholesale Warehousing Services 

There’s enough to think about when running a business without factoring warehouse space into the equation. Speedy Freight offer cost-effective warehousing and storage solutions for businesses of all sizes and across all industries. 

We pride ourselves on working with businesses of all sizes, including those in the wholesale and retail space, fueling their growth with our expertise. If your business is short on space, warehousing could be the load-lightener you need.  


What Is Warehousing? 


Warehousing is safe and secure storage of stock in an industrial space. Businesses use warehousing as a central hub for their stock before distributing to their customers. This gives full visibility over stock location as well and keeping all items organised and tracked. Warehousing allows you to keep tabs on quantities and how long stock has been sitting on the shelf, offering an opportunity for performance management. 

As small organisations experience growth, chances are they don’t have the space at hand to grow into. That’s where warehousing comes in. Our warehousing facilities allow for inventory to be professionally stored and shipped, offering a seamless service to customers while avoiding growing pains.  


What Are the Benefits of Warehousing and Storage? 


Arguably the most important benefit of warehousing is cost. Owning industrial space comes at a costly price for up-and-coming businesses. Warehousing offers the opportunity for premium stock storage and management which caters to lower price points. Cost-effective warehousing saves on the price of storage by renting space for a reduced outlay. 

The benefits of warehousing to businesses on the rise can’t be understated. Keeping on top of warehouse storage and inventory management negates any risk of expanding customer bases becoming overwhelming. Quite the opposite, warehousing represents an opportunity for expansion. Through outsourcing storage, a potential blocker is avoided, allowing you to focus fully on other aspects of the business rather than stock management.  

Warehousing also helps to stabilise goods supply, with adequate space to meet growing market demands. Keeping stock levels consistent results in laser-focused forecasting and enhanced overall performance. Business risk is also minimised as you will be using a third-party warehouse.  


Warehousing Services Speedy Freight Offer 


Our warehousing services work around your needs. We’re keen to provide stock storage solutions which fuel your growth. As such, there’s no limit to what we can offer. We can adjust all services exactly as your operation requires.  

Below are just some of the warehousing services we’re equipped to offer: 

  • Micro Warehousing
  • Warehousing And Distribution
  • Temporary Warehousing
  • Garment hanging
  • Picking stock
  • Cross stock
  • Racking
  • Block stock
  • Long term warehousing


Which Industries Use Warehousing? 


Warehousing can be used by any industry looking to maximise productivity while minimising cost. Ideal for SMEs and new businesses, industrial spaces can be utilised by anyone without a warehouse of their own. We’ve executed warehousing solutions for everyone from high end furniture companies to smaller companies on the rise. Warehousing is common in industries such as wholesale, manufacturing, retail, e-commerce, marketing, print, food and beverage, and more. Our warehouse service is suitable for B2C companies as well as B2B. 

Rapidly expanding companies across all industries also benefit from warehousing and storage services. Short term warehousing can allow businesses to continue an upward trajectory while adequate facilities are sourced. Similarly, those looking for a bit of additional warehouse space can call upon Speedy Freight to lighten the load. Whatever industry you specialise in, we’re adept at providing bespoke warehousing solutions which tick all the boxes.  

Does Speedy Freight Offer a Warehouse Management System? 


Our service comes with a dedicated warehouse management system included. The WMS offers full transparency of stock movement and quantities, allowing you to monitor activity in the warehouse remotely. Whether you require storage, distribution, or both, we can adapt to your needs every step of the way. The inclusion of a high-end WMS paints a clear and dynamic picture of the state of play.  


Does Speedy Freight Offer a Fulfilment Service? 


Speedy Freight offers a complete fulfilment service to simplify your business operations.

Whether you’re a start-up in need of rapidly scaling up your operations, or you’re an established online retailer looking to outsource or change your current fulfilment supplier, we’re there to support your business needs. 


Work With Speedy Freight to Enhance Your Business 


Working with Speedy Freight for 3PL warehousing can enhance your business and improve the efficiency of your operations. 

Growth, while always welcome, can create issues when you’re not prepared. Our warehousing service smooths bumps in the road to success, providing a cost-effective home for your goods.  

Whether you want a full storage and distribution service or something on a smaller scale, we work to your desired specifications. When you work with Speedy Freight, we view your business as our business. To see more of our acclaimed work, check out our case studies.  

To get a quote, learn more about our fulfilment service, or simply get more information on our services, contact us. 


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