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Why Is a Same Day Delivery Option Important for E-Commerce?

23rd December 2022 | by Sam Nardi

Why Is a Same Day Delivery Option Important for E-Commerce?
As speed is increasingly valued by businesses and consumers alike, it’s important to offer a same day delivery option for your clients. Offering same day delivery conveniences your customers by combining the convenience of online shopping with the speed and instant gratification of making purchases at a brick-and-mortar location. 


Same day delivery is increasingly being offered by retailers across the globe. More than ever, consumers expect speed when it comes to receiving their online purchases, and in many cases, the faster they receive it, the better. As an e-commerce business, if you aren’t already offering this option at checkout, you’ll want to implement it for several reasons. 


How Offering Same Day Delivery Can Benefit Your Business 


Meet Growing Consumer Demands 


As more retailers offer same day delivery for their clients, the more clients begin expecting it. Staying up to date on e-commerce trends and offerings from competitors in and out of your industry is key in staying relevant and meeting growing and changing consumer demands. Tailoring your fulfilment strategy to your customer base is key, and same day delivery should be a part of your strategy. 


Offer Customers a Choice of Delivery Options


When a customer reaches the delivery options section of your checkout process, you want to offer a range of solutions that meets their individual needs. By adding a same day delivery option to your list, you’ll be able to target a clientele that favours speed when it comes to delivery, even at an extra cost to them. 


Offering a range of delivery options at checkout gives customers the choice to select the delivery service that works for them. When dealing with high value goods in particular, offering a same day delivery service is the safest way to ensure your goods are reaching your customers in a timely and secure manner. If using a logistics company that offers a same day courier service like Speedy Freight, then you’ll be able to rest assured that your deliveries are always in good hands. 


Efficient Delivery of Time-Sensitive Goods 


Same day delivery doesn’t only apply to goods ordered and delivered on the same day. If you offer goods, such as meal subscription services, then setting up same day deliveries of these goods in advance is crucial to getting your deliveries to your customers right on time. Whether it’s a last-minute need or you’re looking to place an advanced booking, Speedy Freight offers same day delivery service for any situation. 


Other express services, such as overnight delivery and next day delivery are other options to get your orders to your customers quickly and reliably. 


Increase Conversion Rate 


Once a potential customer is at the checkout stage, you want to ensure they’re going to follow through and place their order, rather than become yet another email in your abandoned cart email segment. While there are many factors at play between adding an item to a cart and checking out, if speed is of the essence to your customer, it may just be the defining factor between making the purchase or closing the tab before confirming their order. 


If they have a last-minute or urgent need for your product, whether that’s an outfit for an upcoming event or a gift for a friend, a same day delivery option will be the defining factor between a placed or unplaced order. If you’re not offering same day delivery, you may be losing out on potential clientele with last-minute needs. 

Partnering with a reliable express courier service, such as Speedy Freight, will ensure that you can target individuals who value same day delivery, and whose purchase relies on it, and fulfil your promise, and avoid delivery disasters. 


Give Your Company a Competitive Edge 


While same day delivery options being increasingly offered by businesses and retailers, offering the option is becoming time-sensitive in itself. Mega online retailers pride themselves on the speed of their deliveries, which has led to more consumers expecting it from other brands and retailers.  


Offering a same day delivery option to your customers can give you a competitive edge in a market where your competitors are not offering it yet. If you’ve already noticed your competitors offering same day delivery, then this will help you reach the same potential customers whose purchasing powers is at least partly reliant on the speed at which they receive their parcels. 


Improve Customer Satisfaction 


Satisfying increasing customer demands for fast delivery options will help improve customer satisfaction. There’s an ever-growing need in the market to not only offer a range of delivery services, but offer a same day service, as people become increasingly accustomed to receiving their orders quickly. When it comes to same day delivery, this is an option that is increasingly favoured by consumers.  


Trustworthiness & Reliability 


Delivery delays are no one’s friend, and sometimes completely out of your control. However, even if the delay is out of your control, it may negatively reflect on your own brand’s reputation. To regain some of that control, and improve your trustworthiness and reliability, be sure to use a trusted and reliable same day delivery service.  


A good place to get started is to look at courier services’ ratings on Trustpilot. Looking at reviews from previous businesses that have used their same day delivery service can help you set your expectations. Speedy Freight has a 5-star rating on Trustpilot from thousands of customers across a range of industries. By selecting a courier service that excels at same day delivery means you’ll be able to rest assured that your consignments are in good hands and fully traceable by both you and your customer. 


Speedy Freight’s Retail and E-Commerce Order Fulfilment  


In need of a same day delivery or looking to learn more? Speedy Freight is a reliable e-commerce and retail same day courier that can also provide end-to-end business logistics for your company. Whether you need one or 10,000 parcels delivered, and whether it’s an advanced booking or last-minute job, we’ve got the expertise and tools to get your parcels delivered quickly and efficiently every time. 


For e-Commerce retailers we can offer a same day service to transport goods in bulk between depots, through to providing 1,000 vehicles to deliver to consumer houses door to door with our multi-drop solution. We offer truly scalable solutions on demand. 


With over 60 locations across the UK and Europe and 4,000 transport solutions, we can manage the same day transport of any size consignment. Our professional courier network can support you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. When you need us, we’re there–helping you deliver your way.


Get started by booking a same day delivery with Speedy Freight. 

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