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7 Reasons To Choose a Courier With Same Day Delivery

22nd December 2022 | by Sam Nardi

7 Reasons To Choose a Courier With Same Day Delivery
Ever been in a position where you needed something delivered as quickly as humanly possible? As much as businesses like yours try to account for all possibilities, sometimes you find yourself with an unexpected need to get something delivered that very same day, or maybe you just deal with goods that require same day despatch and delivery. Either way, opting for a courier with a same day delivery service is key, and is becoming an increasingly important aspect of business logistics. 


Why Choose a Courier with Same Day Delivery? 


Selecting a courier service that offers a same day delivery service means you’ll always be ready for the unexpected and the peace of mind that goes along with that. Here are some top reasons why you should choose a courier with a same day delivery service.


It’s The Fastest Way to Get Your Shipments Delivered 


When it comes to same day delivery, speed is, of course, the key factor. Same day deliveries can be scheduled ahead of time when despatch and delivery need to happen on the same day.  


They can also be booked last-minute when you have an emergency or unexpected need to get something delivered as quickly as possible.  


While other express services such as overnight delivery and next day delivery are fast options, same day delivery is the fastest way to get your consignments from A to B. 


A Reliable and Dedicated Service 


When selecting a same day delivery courier, if you opt for one that offers a dedicated service, it’ll mean that your shipments are in good and reliable hands. Dedicated service means that the vehicle sent your way to pick up and deliver your goods will only load your goods, no other deliveries.  


Be sure to look for a fully dedicated service, such as Speedy Freight, which means we will only ever load your goods onto our vehicles. Some dedicated courier services are just partially dedicated and co-load your goods with others. In this scenario, several shipments are loaded on the same delivery vehicle, which can expose you to delays and damages from your goods being improperly stored with others.


Opting for a 100% dedicated service ensures your shipments are our only priority and will get to where they need to be as fast as possible. 


Maintain Control Over Your Deliveries 


When it comes to same day delivery of time-critical or urgent deliveries, you want that added peace of mind that your goods will get there on time. 


Many businesses, particularly in the pharmaceutical and medical and science and technology sectors, rely on same day delivery to get their vital supplies delivered on time.  


Opting for a same day courier service is the best way to retain control of your deliveries as you’ll know exactly where they are and that they’re going to reach their destination on the same day. No more guessing games! 


Flexible and Scalable Solutions 


Courier companies that offer same day delivery will often offer a range of services, including other express delivery services and specialised industry-tailored solutions. Depending on what your needs and goals are, a same day courier service will be able to offer you flexibility with your consignments and shipment speed. 

As your business grows and evolves, you may find yourself having different delivery needs than you initially anticipated, so opting for a courier with a range of services that can scale with you, is key in being prepared for inevitable changes in your company. Partnering with a courier service that offers same day delivery, such as Speedy Freight, means you’re prepared for the present and the future. 


Safe and Secure Transport of Goods 


Selecting a courier service for same day delivery means you that your consignments will be on their own dedicated vehicle and the only stop along the way, which means they’ll get there quickly and securely. The ongoing logistics industry strikes have resulted in vital deliveries being delayed and people waiting for weeks for their parcels to arrive. Selecting a courier service, like Speedy Freight, that can still deliver on the same day is key if speed is of the essence. 


Your consignments will be in better hands with a same day delivery service that will load your goods onto a dedicated vehicle, so that your goods aren’t just one of many on an unknown delivery vehicle. In fact, with Speedy Freight, you can rest assured that your goods are the only ones on the vehicle, and therefore the only stop is your final destination. 


Speedy Freight’s 5-star rating on Trustpilot is testament to the fact that your delivery will be in good hands, as our couriers possess a great deal of expertise in transporting goods from various industries, from construction, to retail, and even medical supplies. 


Peace of Mind  


Same day couriers often operate on a 24-hour basis, 365 days a year, so you don’t have adapt your schedule to fit your courier’s hours of service or constrain yourself to meet time cut-offs.  


If you find yourself needing a speedy delivery morning, noon, or night, on a weekday, weekend, or even a holiday, a same day courier service is the most reliable way to do it. You’ll be able to rest knowing your goods are on their way safely, securely, and whenever you need them to be there. 


Be Ready in an Emergency 


As much as we all want to plan ahead to avoid emergencies and delays, sometimes they just happen, no matter how well prepared you are. 


In situations like these, you want to know that the courier company you’ve entrusted to do your deliveries has the tools and expertise to get your consignments delivered on the same day. A same day courier service is the fastest and most efficient way to get your consignments to their destination. 


Why choose Speedy Freight for same day delivery? 


Speedy Freight is an end-to-end logistics provider that offers a same day UK & EU courier service. We offer a dedicated and personalised service to meet all your delivery needs. We operate 24/7, 365 days a year to get your goods delivered when and wherever they need to be, quickly and efficiently. 


With access to a fleet of over 4,000 vehicles, and with over 60 branches across the UK and Spain, we're ready to deliver your way, any time of day. 


Get started by contacting your local Speedy branch. 

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