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Delivery Of Temporary Furnishings: An Event Logistics Case Study 

20th February 2023 | by Sam Nardi

From the entertainment industry to the corporate sector, temporary furnishings are often required at events. These furnishings can include floor coverings and carpets, marketing and print exhibition materials and stands, and furniture of all types including tables and chairs. Companies that supply these temporary furnishings often partner with logistics companies, such as Speedy Freight, that offer a same day delivery service. Learn more about how Speedy Freight manages the delivery requirements of a leading UK supplier of event furnishings.


The Client 


Our client is a supplier of temporary event furnishing, including carpets, furniture, flooring, and other decorative and protective items for events. 

Their teams install temporary flooring and furnishings in event spaces and are also tasked with their removal once the event has ended.  

They contacted our Speedy Freight Birmingham team when looking for a same day Birmingham courier with experience within the events sector that had access to suitable vehicles for their requirements, as their goods often vary in quantity, size, and shape. 


The Consignment  


Our client’s consignments often range depending on the event or exhibition they are supplying. Their work is time-sensitive, and the events they supply can last anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks, and we work with them to deliver to and from the event site. 

Our client most recently booked a delivery for the movement of rolls of carpeting. Our team was quick to find the suitable delivery vehicle for the job, which was an extra-long wheelbase (XLWB) van in this case, and get their goods on the road to their destination.  

Since our first delivery, we’ve worked numerous jobs for them, often delivering one to several rolls of carpeting and flooring to their clients. These are items that can be quite bulky and difficult to handle due to their shape, which Speedy Freight’s experienced delivery crews handle with care from pick up to drop off, and back again. 


The Challenges 


They service customers across the UK hosting live events in a range of venues, from exhibition halls to event spaces. As the events they supply can be held anywhere across the UK, they were looking for a flexible courier who offered scalable solutions that could adapt to their growing and various demands.  

The timing of deliveries is entirely dependent on the duration of the event, with early morning and late-night deliveries being common. Thanks to Speedy Freight’s 24/7 availability, we’ve been able to help them deliver what they need to their customers, when they need it.  

As our client is tasked with the removal of their items following the end of the event, we’ve worked with them at various times, helping them deliver the items back to their warehouses across the UK.  

The challenges lie in the range of materials they need delivered, including everything from rolls of flooring and carpeting, which can be heavy and difficult to move and require large vehicles due to their length. Speedy Freight Birmingham navigates these delivery challenges by providing the right vehicle for the job every time—thanks to our access to a fleet of 4,000 specialist vehicles of varying sizes. 


The Conclusion 


As a client we’ve worked with on multiple occasions, we’ve been able to extend the range of services we offer them as their delivery needs have expanded in relation to their own growth as a company. 

The jobs Speedy Freight have done for them have always gone smoothly and according to plan. Our flexible approach to deliveries and on-demand availability have enabled us to meet our client's needs, no matter how much they change from job to job. 

The customer appreciates our timely approach to deliveries and has contacted us for more quotes, which has allowed us to develop our relationship with them and continue to offer them tailored event logistics services. 


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