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Festival & Event Waste Management 

23rd May 2023 | by Sam Nardi

Festival and Event Waste Management
Need last minute waste removal? Speedy Freight are renowned for speed of service, offering same day collections of all types of cargo. This service, where possible, extends to waste removal. If you need it collected within the hour, we can do it.   Learn more about our waste removal services, and our specialised ADR transport services for the events and festivals industry. 


Waste Management Services for the Events Industry 


We offer an extensive range of waste management services to businesses in all industries, including events and hospitality. 

From commercial waste collection to hazardous waste management, we’ve got your needs covered. We draw upon an exhaustive fleet of specialist vehicles and trained drivers to get the job done to your exact specifications. Whether you need a one-off delivery or regular waste removal, Speedy Freight are the logistics provider you can trust. 

Waste management is essential to eco-conscious businesses wanting to do their part towards the environment. By using our service you’ll keep your premises clutter-free, while knowing that your waste is being properly managed and disposed of in accordance with regulations. This will prevent waste from wrongly ending up in a landfill and minimise your event’s environmental impact.  

Our experts are versed in all the latest rules and regulations and can help you comply where necessary. 

What Is Waste Management? 


Waste management is a sustainable way of disposing of waste accrued by your business. As a business grows and production increases, waste is unavoidable in most industries.  

Events and festivals can produce large amounts of different types of waste. Staggering amounts of waste are left behind by organisers and attendees and poor waste management can reflect badly on your company and lead to negative media attention. 

Additionally, poor waste management during an outdoor event can lead to environmental contamination of land and water. If you operate within the outdoor events sector, then a robust waste management plan is a crucial part of your event logistics. 

Developing a strong and sustainable waste management plan alongside Speedy Freight deals with the issue in a cost-effective and safe method. Take waste removal and recycling seriously and take advantage of the expertise of our team. 


What Types of Waste Removal Are There 


There are several different types of waste removal. Speedy Freight offer a comprehensive service which encompasses all different materials. Whatever service you need, we’re all ears. We offer the below, and much more: 


  • Solid Waste
  • Recycling
  • Organic Waste
  • Hazardous Waste
  • General Waste
  • Liquid Waste

Why Is Correct Waste Management Important? 


Correct waste management is important due to the environmental impact of sending waste to landfill and contamination when land is improperly managed on an outdoor event site. 

By disposing of your waste in the correct manner, your event company is doing their bit for the environment. It also ensures that you're ticking the boxes for rules and regulations of the governing bodies where your event is being held. 

Proper waste removal heightens the likelihood of recycling, meaning less pollution and less wasted materials. For a more sustainable future, waste management is essential. 


Which Industries Use Commercial Waste Removal? 


Commercial waste removal is necessary to all businesses operating a physical space. You are duty-bound as a business owner to take care of waste management, and while it can be a challenging, it can be greatly simplified by partnering with Speedy Freight. 

Everyone operating within the events to the construction industry can benefit from a tailored waste management plan. We provide advice and guidance every step of the way to ensure you’re receiving a truly bespoke and effective offering. 


How To Book Local Waste Management with Speedy Freight


If you’re looking for a waste management provider, Speedy Freight have the solution you need. 

With branches up and down the country, you’re certain to find a waste removal service near you. Find your local branch today and get the ball rolling on a quote. There’s no job too big or too small with our network of specialist vehicles at your disposal. We can be with you within the hour in some cases, or book collections in advance should you require. 


Does Speedy Freight offer ADR Transport Services? 


When dealing with hazardous waste that must follow ADR transport requirements, Speedy Freight has a trained and experienced team that can handle the transport of hazardous waste. 


Need Regular Business Waste Removal? 


Speedy Freight work with you to find the best waste management solution. Whether you want to block book a regular collection or need last minute crisis management, we're there. We have branches up and down the country ready and waiting for your call. Contact us today for further information. 


Quick and Reliable Waste Management Services 


Struggling with finding a reliable waste management partner for your upcoming events and festivals? Speedy Freight are there, and we can be with you as quickly as within the hour. 

From hazardous goods to regular recycling, Speedy Freight provide a comprehensive waste removal service. Our drivers are trained to the latest standards, ready to take on whichever job you require. Find your local branch to get waste management near you. 

Speedy Freight offers safe waste management, while taking care of all the regulations for you, so you can focus your efforts on running a successful event. 


Learn more about our waste management services.

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