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How To Manage Christmas Deliveries For Your Business

5th December 2022 | by Aimee Spilsbury

How to manage Christmas deliveries for your business.

The Christmas rush is in full swing. Hopefully you’ve already booked in your Speedy Freight courier slots this festive season. If not, there’s still time. Or maybe your schedule for Christmas deliveries is in chaos because you’ve been let down by your courier service. Never fear, we’re here to help you manage your B2B logistics… even in a holiday season emergency.


Protect Your Reputation With a Reliable, Christmas Same Day Courier


Every other business across your supply chain is depending on you to deliver this Christmas. Equally, you’re depending on your suppliers to ensure that your Christmas deliveries arrive on time.


However, delivery delays can result in disruption to your supply chain, which means that the businesses relying on you could miss the Christmas market.


What’s worse is that failing to deliver, especially during the holidays, could cost you that incredible reputation you have worked so hard to achieve.


Historically, failed B2B logistics at Christmas has cost British businesses billions of pounds, with e-commerce companies and retailers hit hardest. 


More and more British businesses are turning to same day courier services over the Christmas period to keep their supply chains moving and their customers satisfied.


A dedicated, same day courier gives you the flexibility of both collecting and delivering this festive season to ensure that your supply chain does not miss a beat.


Why It’s Important To Manage Your Christmas Deliveries


The logistics industry is not immune to disruptions, which could have a direct impact on your business this Christmas.


Industry strikes, courier companies collapsing or even a worldwide pandemic are just some of the unpredictable events you could be faced with. Such disruptions tend to have a greater impact when Christmas comes around.


If your current courier service lacks the agility or flexibility to adapt to unexpected disruptions or demand, your business could be overwhelmed and becomes a supply chain bottleneck.


We want to avoid that, so here’s what we recommend.


Top Tips To Manage Your Christmas B2B Logistics


#1 - Partner With a Dedicated Same Day Courier Service


A dedicated same day courier service is one that doesn’t operate a shared collection and delivery schedule. They will collect and deliver your consignments only.


For convenience and saving time, this is hugely beneficial for your supply chain - especially at Christmas.


If your business is last on the delivery run of a shared courier service, this can have massive implications on your own schedule.


When time is of the essence, if you have to wait until the end of the working day for a consignment to be collected or delivered, it leaves you very little room to manoeuvre.


Plus, if you want it faster, you’re often made to pay extra for the privilege.


Speedy Freight is a dedicated same day delivery service for businesses. We can collect from your suppliers and deliver direct to your door or vice-versa.


Better still, we can transport goods straight to end users if you need us to. In most cases, we can pick up - with a Luton Van or smaller - within the hour, and drop off on the same day.


During peak season, our same day courier service can be the hero of your business story. It’s fast, efficient and keeps your supply chain running smoothly.


Because we only carry your consignments, there are no extra stop-offs meaning delays are kept to a minimum. Plus, there are no hidden costs and you can utilise our courier service as much as you need.


#2 - Choose a Courier Service That’s Flexible


Your Christmas deliveries are crucial. The last thing you need when you’re trying to get goods from A to B is a courier service that’s completely inflexible.


Whether you need increased courier support because of high demand or you need a man and van, choose a courier service that can accommodate the needs of your business.


We understand that B2B logistics at Christmas can change rapidly. Some days will be full on, others a little quieter. What your business needs is a courier that can switch it up without breaking stride or affecting your supply chain. 


As a trusted courier service, we invest in working with your business to plan your logistics, and this is true for your Christmas deliveries.


Get support with planning the best delivery routes, choosing the right vehicles, and selecting the right courier service to suit the specific needs of your Christmas delivery schedule.


#3 - Work With a Courier Service That Has Experience of Your Industry


Every industry sector has different logistics needs at Christmas. Some are busier than others, including…




… To name a few.



A courier service that offers delivery experience that’s specific to your industry means they can better serve you - especially in a season as busy as Christmas.


There’s a high value in partnering with a logistics provider that understands the unique challenges you face, and works with you to find solutions for your supply chain. 


Speedy Freight serves a wide range of industries, offering professional couriers with skill sets specific to certain industries.


Whether you’re an airline in need of parts to get a flight off the ground this Christmas or a hospitality provider in need of items for an event, we can deliver.


#4 - Hire a Courier Service With a Large Fleet of Vehicles


The type of delivery vehicle you need to manage your Christmas deliveries might change from one day to the next.


One day a small van might suffice, but the following day you might need a truck. There may even be a requirement for a specialist vehicle. 


That’s why partnering with a courier service with a varied vehicle fleet will ensure you have the right transport for consignments during peak trading season and beyond.


Plus, if you’re a haulage firm - big or small -  and you need driver cover or vehicles to add to your fleet to cope with demand, we’re always happy to support our fellow logistics providers in busy seasons.


Whether you need smaller, larger, or even specialist vehicles from one day to the next, Speedy Freight has more than 4,000 vehicles available to get your Christmas deliveries where they need to be, when they need to be there.


#5 - Pick a Courier Provider That Operates Locally, Nationally, and Internationally


Christmas is a big deal locally, nationally, and internationally. However, for your business this can be a bit of a logistical nightmare for your holiday season deliveries.


You might be thinking that you will have to coordinate a local, national, and international delivery company individually.


That’s not the case. Many courier companies offer local, national, and international Christmas delivery solutions. This means that you can centralise your entire festive delivery schedule through a single delivery provider.


The benefit is that this saves you time and money while making the coordination and management of your Christmas logistics so much easier.


Speedy Freight is a national and international same day courier service with local delivery at its heart.


We have more than 60 strategically located, local delivery hubs across the UK and Europe each with their own dedicated courier network and customer service teams.


This means that we are able to serve small, local businesses right up to global organisations, supporting delivery schedules throughout the year and during peak season.


We are a non-stop, 24-hour courier service, which means that on a local, national, and international scale we are available to serve your business when you need it most.


The scale of our services means that we are able to offer a number of unique and specialist solutions to support your Christmas logistics, including…



… To name a few.


A Courier Service To Lighten The Christmas Load


When the pressure’s on for your business, partnering with a courier company that can help lighten the load eases the strain on your delivery schedule.


This is precisely what Speedy Freight is here for, not just to help you cope, but to help you plan and prosper during peak season.


We are a 100% flexible and agile courier service with solutions that will help to keep your Christmas deliveries, and your supply chain, on track.


With totally transparent pricing and the ability to track every consignment, you can count on us to manage your Christmas deliveries professionally, at speed, with great value, and with the utmost care.


All that’s left for you to do is contact your local Speedy branch.

Speedy Freight, Long Wheel Base Van.

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