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Express Courier Services for Event Agencies

Here at Speedy Freight, we know the events world is incredibly diverse. Whether organising exhibitions, expositions, parties, weddings, or any others, the uniting factor behind it all is down-to-the-minute strategic planning. It is crucial that all aspects of your event are planned and prepared for, in order to make sure the event goes off without a hitch. When events are organised through events agencies, this is even more vital: your industry depends on the reliability of your services. 


Though we can’t help with the design or details of the event (that’s your speciality) when it comes to providing expert logistics services, Speedy Freight are your secret weapon. Event agencies require express courier services to ensure that all aspects of the setup – be it refreshments, furniture or decoration – arrive on time, exactly where and when they are needed. For that, Speedy Freight has the edge, as your reliable, efficient local courier, with expertise in all aspects of events logistics services.


What Events Can We Supply? 

When it comes to events, you name it – we’ll supply it! When you have a full schedule, we know that events agencies have a roster of incredibly diverse events which are always just around the corner: whether that’s film screenings, exhibitions, industry fairs, parties, weddings, plays and more! In a competitive market for events agencies, it’s more important than ever to have a strong relationship with a courier you know you can trust. 


Speedy Freight’s expert courier service means that after so many years in the industry, there’s no events job we haven’t provided logistics for! Our expert knowledge has seen us always fulfil our duties to our clients, wherever, whenever, as event management requires a courier service able to respond rapidly and efficiently to whatever it is that you need, wherever you need it. 


We can provide a courier service for experiential agencies, in their work on communications, branding and marketing collateral. We are able to provide logistics for experiential work including the transport of samples, sales and marketing print collateral (we are experts in providing marketing and print logistics services too!) 


Express Courier Service  

Our express courier service means that we can be with you from an hour after you make the booking. Unlike other courier services, we never co-load your vehicles. Instead, our drivers serve one client at any given time, which means that we are never delayed travelling to or from your sites. This efficiency is important for events agencies, where every minute counts! This is vital for all events, whether there’s a planning delivery or a last-minute emergency; if a sound system fails, or lighting rigs don’t turn on, we know how devastating it can seem!  That’s where an express courier for event agencies like Speedy Freight can help you to get back on your feet, and keep the event flowing smoothly. 


This efficiency is also useful even if there’s no emergency! Certain items, like flowers for display, or artwork for an exhibition, must be kept temperature-regulated and should not be in transit for any longer than they need to. Our direct routes mean that whatever the consignment, we’ll be with you as soon as possible, with no delays, diversions or distractions. 


Arranging your express courier service for your event agency really couldn’t be simpler. To get into touch with Speedy Freight, simply find your local branch here and one of our friendly team will be happy to help you. 

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