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Speedy Freight Certified as a Carbon Neutral Business by Carbon Neutral Britain

8th September 2023 | by Sam Nardi

Speedy Freight Certified as a Carbon Neutral Business by Carbon Neutral Britain
At a time when environmental sustainability is becoming an increasingly urgent concern, businesses are being called upon to take responsibility for their carbon emissions. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that Speedy Freight has offset our carbon footprint to become certified as a Carbon Neutral Business by Carbon Neutral Britain, marking a significant step towards a greener and more sustainable future.


We are delighted to partner with Speedy Freight to help identify and offset their environmental impact for 2023 and beyond." - James Poynter, Director - Carbon Neutral Britain


Scope of Carbon Neutrality 

One of the key aspects of our journey towards becoming a carbon neutral business has been our commitment to offsetting carbon emissions resulting from various facets of our operations. 

The scope of our Carbon Neutrality certification includes our office spaces across our entire franchised network, commuting practices, and our owned fleet. By carefully assessing and calculating our carbon footprint across these domains, we have taken deliberate actions to offset the emissions associated with them. 

Certification of the Highest Standards 

Our carbon offsetting efforts have been independently certified by
Carbon Neutral Britain through the three largest, and most regulated offsetting standards in the world. These include the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), Gold Standard Voluntary Emission Reductions (VER), and Certified Emission Reductions (CER) programs.  

Certification is awarded following calculation using the ISO 14064 and GHG Protocol Emissions Standard principles of relevance, completeness, consistency, transparency and accuracy. 

As the three largest, and most regulated voluntary offsetting standards used by organisations and even countries in their emissions reductions—all measurements and tonnes of CO₂e offset are accurate and verified. 

We recognise the importance of annual evaluation. Speedy Freight plans to conduct annual calculations of its environmental impact and emissions over the following years. This ongoing assessment will allow us to monitor and evaluate changes in emissions after implementing reduction strategies, while maintaining our carbon neutral status. 

Impact Through Carbon Offset Projects 

Our carbon offsetting efforts extend beyond our immediate operations.
Through the Carbon Neutral Britain Climate Fund™, Speedy Freight is offsetting our carbon emissions through internationally certified carbon offsetting projects.  

The projects have been selected based on their direct and indirect impact around the world - not just in offsetting, but also in supporting education, employment and clean water, as well as having a net positive impact on the local wildlife and ecology. Some of these projects include funding Hydroelectric Power in Chile, Cook Stove Project in Malawi, Energy Efficient Lighting in India, and the Salkhit Wind Farm in Mongolia. 

Joining the Movement with Carbon Neutral Britain 

Speedy Freight's journey towards carbon neutrality aligns with Carbon Neutral Britain's mission to combat climate change through effective carbon offsetting projects. As we strive to make a positive impact on the environment, we recognise the importance of partnerships and collaboration in creating a sustainable future for all.

Routes Planting Roots 

In April 2023, we launched our
Routes Planting Roots environmental campaign in partnership with the Earth Restoration Service, where we funded wildflower meadows and tree nurseries for over thirty local schools in the areas where our branches operate. 

The next stage of our collaboration will begin in October 2023, when we will aid in the planting event in collaboration with the schools and members of the local communities. 

Our Drive Towards a Greener Future: Our Environmental Initiatives 

Our certification as a
Carbon Neutral Business by Carbon Neutral Britain is a testament to our dedication to environmental responsibility.  

As a company in the logistics industry, offsetting the environmental impact of our operations is a key consideration for us, and we are continuously striving to be a driving force for positive change in the industry, including expanding our fleet of electric vehicles. 

Learn more about our environmental corporate social responsibility. 

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