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Delivery of Glass Stillages to a Hospital Construction Site: A Case Study

20th January 2023 | by Sam Nardi

Delivery of Glass Stillages to a Hospital Construction Site: A Case Study
When it comes to deliveries, Speedy Freight have seen and done it all. We have the tools and expertise to deliver anything you need, anywhere and anytime. That’s why, when one of the UK’s leading providers of architectural glazing systems approached us about delivering glass stillages to an Isle of Man hospital, we quickly took on their request and delivered their goods where they needed to be, right on time. Learn more about how Speedy Freight was able to handle large deliveries of building supplies to a hospital construction site.


The Client 


Our client is one of the leading providers of architectural glazing systems in the UK. They install, maintain and repair windows, doors, curtain walling, brise soleil, and louvres for large contractors to homeowners and healthcare trusts to schools.  

The company contacted Speedy Freight Teesside when they were looking for a local courier service and haulage company that they could trust to move glass stillages all over the country. These large items are used for crane lifting glass panels safely and easily around construction sites. 

As one of the only 24-hour haulage companies in Teesside that can handle time-critical, fragile, high value, heavy, delicate, abnormal, and bulky loads, we were able to quickly offer them a solution. 


The Consignment


The client came to us with a detailed list of exactly what had to be moved. Based on their requirements and the size of their consignments, we were able to load an artic curtain with the following materials: 


  • 6x stillages (4m long, double stacked, and get all 6 side-to-side) 
  • 6x glass stillages (2m long x 1.2m wide x 2.5m high)
  • 2x standard pallets 

Once the delivery was confirmed, we quickly sent the delivery vehicle to the pick up point so that we could pick up their consignments as soon as possible so that they could be on the way to their destination. As a courier service that offers express delivery services, such as same day delivery, and overnight delivery, the client was confident in our ability to deliver their goods quickly. 

Our team loaded the dedicated artic curtain solely with our client’s items. As a dedicated courier and freight service that never co-loads, that means that our client’s consignments were able to get to their destination as soon as possible, without incurring any damage from being improperly stored with other items. 

Once the consignments were picked up, our dedicated team was on their way. The ferry to Isle of Man was right on schedule, which made for a successful delivery that was not subject to any delays. 


The Challenges 


As is the case with all Speedy Freight deliveries, the first thing we do is to liaise with our client to find out exactly what they need to move and where to.  

Sometimes, we’ll get clients who know exactly what vehicle they need to move their consignments, while other times we’ll get clients who don’t know where to start. In both cases, we’re quick to adapt to their specific needs and quickly provide them with the vehicle they need for the job. 

With access to a fleet of over 4,000 specialist vehicles, from small vans to 7.5 tonne trucks, to our range of specialist vehicles, we always have the right vehicle for the job ready to go. 

This client came to us with a specific delivery need: they needed to move glass stillages to a hospital on the Isle of Man quickly and securely.  

In this case, after analysing our client’s request and consignment, we quickly figured out that the best vehicle for the job was curtain-sided transportation, specifically an artic curtain.  

The delivery of glass stillages to an Isle of Man hospital on behalf of our client was a success. The client came back with positive feedback and expressed their gratitude for our efficiency and speed. 

Since this successful delivery, we have repeated this delivery to the same hospital. Due to Speedy Freight’s expertise in moving building materials, we were able to quickly give them a quote and supply the right vehicle for their delivery.  

We were able to pick up the client’s consignments on short notice and deliver without a hitch. The client has since trusted Speedy Freight with similar deliveries across the UK, and exclusively utilise Speedy Freight’s specialist courier and freight services for their large deliveries, due to their positive experience with us that other companies have not been able to measure up to.  


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How does Speedy Freight deliver so quickly? Our 60 locations across the UK and Europe allow us to get to you quickly to pick up your items. With an extensive driver network and access to a fleet of over 4,000 vehicles, our Speedy Freight Teesside team and teams across the country are always just a phone call away. 

No matter what you need delivered, Speedy Freight are there. We service all industries, including the construction and manufacturing industries. When you require a Luton van or smaller, we can get to you in under 60 minutes. For larger vehicles, we still aim to get to you as quickly as possible to get all your goods delivered in a timely manner. 

Read more client stories by visiting Speedy Freight on Trustpilot, where you can consult over 1,400 reviews from clients across all industries. 

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