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Delivery of Safety Solutions: An Engineering Courier Case Study 

1st March 2023 | by Sam Nardi

Delivery of Safety Solutions: An Engineering Courier Case Study 
Manufacturers and suppliers within the engineering industry often require same day delivery for items ranging in size, from large and heavy ventilation systems to industrial machinery parts and safety solutions.  In this case study, we look into the delivery needs of a UK manufacturer of safety and privacy products who’ve utilised Speedy Freight’s engineering courier service to deliver their items designed to protect people and places. 


The Client 


Our client is a designer and supplier of safety solutions in the UK.  

From making healthcare establishments safer for their residents, to making guests more comfortable during leisurely hotel stays, their products improve the experience, accessibility, and safety of all visitors to these sites. 

They service several sectors, including the healthcare sector, supplying products to make care homes, mental health hospitals, and clinics safer. They also offer a range of products to enhance the safety of businesses operating within the retail and hospitality sectors, as well as educational establishments and residential buildings. 


The Challenges 


Our client has been a longstanding client of Speedy Freight, who they have trusted to handle all their same day delivery needs for years, as they do not have their own delivery vehicles. 

Recently, our client moved their headquarters. As they were moving their operations, they were looking for an engineering courier to take on their same day delivery needs. Speedy Freight always aims to be with our client within 60 minutes of booking, so remaining local was crucial to fulfiling our same day delivery promise. 

Thanks to their positive experience with our 5-star courier service and our network of over 60 branches across the UK, Speedy Freight was able to successfully transfer their same day delivery needs to our Speedy Freight Wakefield team. 

Our team quickly introduced themselves and completed the seamless handover from one of our teams to the other. Our client did not encounter any delivery delays during their move, thanks to our quick acting team. 


The Consignment 


With products designed for a varied range of sectors, our client was looking for a same day Wakefield courier with the tools and experience to deliver a multitude of products 

As Speedy Freight are an experienced same day courier, with experience in all industries, from the hospitality industry to the medical industry, they’ve consistently trusted us to deliver their consignments nationally, often on a daily basis. 

As the size and volume of deliveries often differ, we’ve used a range of dedicated vehicles to deliver their goods. With access to a fleet of over 4,000 vehicles, Speedy Freight always has the right vehicle for the job. 

Some of the dedicated vehicles we’ve used for their deliveries include: 

  • Small vans 

  • Short wheel base vans 

  • Long wheel base vans  

  • Luton vans 

  • Extra long wheel base vans 

Their deliveries are generally boxes or standard pallets and have included a range of products engineered to make spaces safer, such as door and wall protection items, hygienic cladding and sanitary ware products, anti-ligature fixtures and hardware, accessibility grab rails, and window privacy panels. 


The Conclusion 


As a fully dedicated courier, no matter what vehicle is needed for the job, it is never co-loaded with another client’s consignments. Therefore, our client has always had the peace of mind that their consignments are delivered safely, securely, and always when needed. 

As they’ve become a regular client of ours, we’ve been able to offer them set prices for all their delivery jobs. Speedy Freight always offers tailored pricing to suit your individual business needs. 

Our client has consistently expressed satisfaction with how our Speedy Freight Wakefield team handle their consignments, especially as most of their deliveries require vehicles urgently—a need that we cover quickly and efficiently, every time. 


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Speedy Freight’s wealth of experience as an engineering courier allows us to navigate delivery challenges with ease, get the right vehicle for the job every time, and always handle heavy engineering consignments, such as safety solutions, carefully. 

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