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How Is Speedy Freight Supporting The Return Of Events & Festivals?

As the weather brightens and the days lengthen, you could be forgiven for turning your thoughts towards summer festivals! In previous years, the presence of large music festivals like Reading, Leeds, Latitude, and of course Glastonbury marked various months of the UK’s summer calendar. Over the years, Speedy Freight has worked closely with many festival organisers, providing dedicated festival and events logistics services to ensure that these large-scale music events could continue without a hitch. From moving large stage sets to music equipment to food stalls and medical centres, Speedy Freight has had decades of experience in providing courier services for some of the music scene’s biggest events in the UK.


Of course, it’s no surprise that the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 meant that many of these landmark events could not go ahead as planned. This coming summer seems set to mark the return of some of the UK’s best-loved festivals, and the need for festival couriers is set to return. Speedy Freight provides expert festival and events courier services for the UK’s music and events scene – read on to learn how we do it!


What is an events & festival courier? 

Firstly, it’s important to establish what makes an events courier and festival courier different from a non-specialised courier. Speedy Freight has extensive experience providing logistics to support a huge range of events as well as festivals of any size, from small local events to music events years in the planning like `


An events and festival courier has specialised delivery services to assist with anything large-scale events might need transporting: from lighting rigs to sound rigs to large stage sets. Available throughout the day and night, your festival courier will be perfectly placed to help with your setup, including any ad-hoc support requests that arise throughout the weekend or week. 


Can Speedy Freight be your events & festival courier?


Speedy Freight has acted as a festivals courier across the UK for decades. When it comes to logistics for festivals, Speedy Freight has been able to provide courier support for festivals like Reading, Leeds, and Glastonbury – liaising with organisers to move stock, staging sets, rigging, lighting, sound rigs and much more. In addition, we know that not everything always goes to plan – which is why Speedy Freight has always remained on-hand to provide support throughout the duration of the festival! Whether we’re your regular supplier or you’re new to our festivals services, we’re always on-hand for last-minute emergencies like blown speakers or broken lights. 


In addition to festivals, Speedy Freight has a strong events logistics service to cover just about any other event out there! From supporting RHS flower shows to transporting wedding materials, Speedy Freight’s dedicated events service means that we’ll always be able to move your sets, stages and lighting rigs in our specialised vehicles without co-loading the vehicles with another clients’ goods. Your items are safer and more secure with a dedicated courier like Speedy Freight, with extensive experience in offering events and festival courier support. 

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