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Your Foolproof Method To Finding Your Event Courier

As the great British summer approaches (not that you’d know it from the weather), there’s one question on everyone’s minds: whether their planned summer events are still going ahead!  With the COVID-19 restrictions being lifted in stages here in the UK, certain events look set to return come rain or shine – which is just as well really. 

If you’re part of an events team or festival team planning ahead for summer 2021, you’re probably thinking about the logistics of the event (and we don’t just mean the when and where). It’s a good idea to get your event logistics organised well in advance to ensure that your event can go ahead without a hitch – but never fear, there’s no shortage of last-minute event couriers here in the UK. 

Finding your event courier can be a daunting task – especially if you’re getting back on your feet post-pandemic. You may have had partnerships with event courier companies which are no longer in operation; or your company’s circumstances may have changed. Either way, it’s important to check that you’ve secured an events courier that ticks all your boxes – which is why we’ve put together a guide of things you’ll need to know before you get started. 



Our 3 Steps To Finding Your Events & Festival Courier 


Step 1: Check Their Hours

This might sound like a basic step – but you’d be surprised how many events courier companies don’t operate within the hours or dates you might need them. For instance, your events courier is likely to need to operate outside the 9-5 working week: providing events logistics at weekends and throughout the night, too. You might even need your events courier to operate on national bank holidays – for instance, an event on New Year’s Eve  – so you can’t afford for their hours to cause you a headache.

Your courier needs to be able to operate 24/7, 365 – including all those times where even couriers that claim they’re open every day might discreetly close their doors! Events couriers need to be able to operate at all hours of the day or night  – which is especially true when it comes to festival couriers. 


Step 2: Check Their Capabilities 

Another key thing to check is the capability that your events courier has. This will usually revolve around the types of vehicles that your events courier has in its fleet – which will naturally need to be varied depending on your requirements. 

Your events courier is going to need a varied and diverse fleet of vehicles to transport the items or goods that accompany setting up a small or large-scale event or festival. For instance, if you’re moving lighting or sound rigs, infrastructure for stages or bars, or even portable toilet systems and waste removal – you’re going to need pretty big vehicles. Look for an events courier that can offer you a range of different vehicle types for logistics support – and make sure you’re able to book a range when it comes to organising your courier relationship.


Step 3: Check Their Emergency Cover

Finally, it’s no good looking at an events or festival courier service without first ensuring that they can provide you with emergency or last-minute courier services. As the famous saying goes: “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry” – and nobody knows that better than events organisers….

Yes, despite your months – sometimes years – of planning, you need to have your back-up plan ready to go. A damaged lighting rig, a sudden and urgent lack of food or drink,  and even a broken Portaloo can all mean a sudden end to a great event. You can’t possibly make sure nothing goes wrong-  but what you can do is make sure we’re there if it does.


Last-minute courier services for events need to be responsive, reliable, and totally trustworthy. If your events courier says they’re on their way, you need to be sure that’s actually true! One useful way of checking out your courier’s reliability can be checking out their reviews or scores from an independent body like Trustpilot – which will help you see real-time reviews from customers who’ve used their events courier service. 

Arrange Your Events Courier, With Speedy Freight 


Here at Speedy Freight, we’ve moved everything from rigging to staging; from lighting and to bulk shipments of beer; from portable toilets to teepees! We support event organisers with the movement in bulk, and act as an extension of their team in the planning of the events. However, our services for events and festivals also cover that all-important emergency support. We’re there when the plan doesn’t go to plan: if the lighting breaks, the speakers blow, or the bars or pop-ups run out of food or drink!


You name it, we’ve sorted it – so when you think events courier: think Speedy. 



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