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What Is A Two Man Delivery Service?

27th January 2023 | by Sam Nardi

What Is A Two Man Delivery Service?
A 2 man delivery service is used to transport goods that require extra precautions and careful handling. A dedicated two man delivery service ensures that your goods get to their destination quickly, carefully and right on time. Learn more about what a two man delivery service is, what businesses use it, and how it can benefit your company. 


A two man delivery service is a type of delivery that is often utilised for large or difficult to move objects that cannot be moved and handled by one person. Courier companies that offer a two-man delivery service will supply an experienced delivery crew and a specialist vehicle appropriately sized for your delivery needs.


What Type of Businesses Needs a Two-Man Delivery Service? 


Businesses from a range of industries, such as the construction, hospitality, events, and furniture sectors, may use two-man delivery services for shipping a range of items. It’s commonly used to deliver heavy furniture such as sofas and tables, to household appliances such as refrigerators and ovens.  


Businesses from any industry may benefit from a two man delivery service when moving items that are fragile, large, heavy, or otherwise abnormal in size, shape, or weight. It is a specialist service that is used to deliver any item that requires careful handling and a real “hands-on” approach to ensure it’s getting to its destination safely and securely. 


It’s a service commonly utilised to transport sizeable items that require a knowledgeable team to handle and transport the goods from A to B. A white glove delivery service is similar to a two-man delivery service in the way it operates, though is generally reserved for high value items that require a premium service. 


Why Choose a Two-Man Delivery Service? 


If you have delivery needs that can’t generally be categorised under standard courier service offerings, if you regularly ship abnormally sized items, or even if you just have a one-off delivery need, then opting for a courier service that offers a two-man delivery service is key in handling these items. 


In the marketing and print industry, a two-man delivery service is optimal for moving large client consignments, such as a promotional model, while in the engineering industry, it may be used to deliver a heavy and awkwardly shaped part that is crucial to keeping a machine running.  


Which Courier Offers a Two-Man Delivery Service? 


You’ll find two-man delivery services listed under the specialty services of a courier company. While many courier services offer two-man delivery and specialised delivery crews, not all services are created equal. 


When selecting a courier company you’ll want to opt for one that offers a dedicated service. A dedicated service means that your consignments will be the only ones loaded onto the vehicle, for a stress-free and hassle-free experience. 


Looking at a courier company’s online reviews will also offer some crucial insight on what to expect when you book a two-man delivery. Speedy Freight is proud to be one of Trustpilot’s highest ranked courier service and logistics provider on the platform. As a 5-star rated courier service with over 1,100 reviews, Speedy Freight have delivered for companies across a range of varied industries. 

As a business, the efficiency and speed of your delivery methods directly reflects your brand’s image and reputation. That’s why thousands of companies have chosen Speedy Freight to handle all their UK and Europe two-man delivery and white glove delivery needs. 


Speedy Freight offers a range of specialist services, and as is the case with all our deliveries, we’ll always go the extra mile for you. 


What Are the Benefits of Speedy Freight’s Two Man Delivery Service? 


  • Dedicated Transport: Our dedicated service ensures your goods are the only ones in the delivery vehicle. Our team will pick up, deliver, and assemble (when required) your goods. 

  • Experienced Team: There’s nothing you can present to us that would shock our team. We’ve seen and delivered it all, so come to us with all your large, oversized, bulky, abnormal or just downright weird deliveries! If another courier service has denied your request, come to us and we’ll handle it. 

  • Secure Shipping: A two man delivery service is one of the most secure shipping methods. We always guarantee a dedicated two person team and the dedicated delivery vehicle sized and most suitable for your exact needs. 

  • Extra Services: When it comes to two man delivery, Speedy Freight will go the extra mile on the road and to ensure you have a smooth delivery from start to end. We’ll deliver your item to the room of your choice, unpack it, and assemble it when required so you can give your customers a great experience. 

  • Hassle-Free Experience: Speedy Freight will handle it all, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. We’ll keep you notified, and your customer informed to ensure smooth sailing from pick up to drop off. 

  • Safety First: We offer a risk-assessed delivery and possess the tools needed to ensure the safety of all involved, including the proper handling of your goods to prevent any damage. 

If you regularly ship bulky goods, we also offer warehousing and ecommerce fulfilment to cater to all your business needs. 


Speedy Freight Two-Man Delivery Service 


Do you have something that needs to be delivered quickly and carefully? Speedy Freight’s nationwide and international courier network allows us to quickly get a delivery crew to you that can handle all deliveries, big or small, large or tall. 


Whether you need a two man delivery service, or a white glove delivery service for high value goods, we have the industry knowledge to handle your items with the utmost care and provide a high-quality experience for you and your customers. 


Speedy Freight offers a dedicated and dependable two man delivery service, so if you need a crew to deliver your consignments on a regular planned route basis, as a one-off, or have multiple drop offs, we can do it all. 


To get started, simply use our branch finder to locate your nearest Speedy Freight branch. With 60+ locations across the UK and Europe, we’re able to offer same day delivery and pickup within the hour. 


Book a two man delivery with Speedy Freight. 

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