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What is Same Day Delivery?

21st December 2022 | by Sam Nardi

What is same day delivery?
The demand and expectation for same day delivery services is on the rise. But what is same day delivery? At its core, same day delivery is a service that collects and delivers your consignment on the same day. It’s ideal for last-minute and time-critical delivery of goods. Learn more about same day delivery and the benefits of selecting a logistics provider that offers a same day delivery service. 


Same day delivery is an effective and reliable way to ensure that your goods reach their recipient when they need to be, without fail. For urgent, high value, and fragile goods, selecting a dedicated same day delivery option is a sure bet. While there are other express services, such as next day delivery and overnight delivery, same day delivery is the fastest. 


Partnering with a trustworthy and reliable courier company that offers same day delivery, such as Speedy Freight, is key to getting what you need delivered, when and where you need it. 


Does same day delivery work? 


In short, yes, same day delivery does work to get your goods delivered on the same day you’ve booked.  


Many courier services offer same day delivery, but not all are equal. The reliability and effectiveness of same day delivery largely relies on the logistics provider you select to carry out your delivery needs.  


When selecting a same day courier service, you’ll want to understand their offerings, limitations, service hours, and potential time cutoffs. Selecting a courier service with experience in your industry is also a valuable asset, as they’ll have the required tools, knowledge, resources, and expertise to take care of your goods, from pickup to drop off. 


Most importantly, you’ll want to pick a reliable and trustworthy logistics provider. Reviews that can be accessed on an independently managed platform, such as Trustpilot, can help you access reliable reviews. You’ll want to look for a high overall rating and consistent positive reviews. 


With over 1,000 5-star reviews on Trustpilot, Speedy Freight is the choice for companies needing reliable and trustworthy same day delivery across the UK.  


Why choose same day delivery? 


Same day delivery is often the courier service of choice for time-sensitive deliveries, from last-minute needs, to dealing with medical or refrigerated goods deliveries where time is of the utmost essence. Whether that means a last-minute delivery to a live event or scheduling a same day pickup and delivery of goods ahead of time, same day delivery is a crucial component in business logistics. 


Every business’s needs are different and selecting a same day courier service that adapts to your schedule and needs (rather than the other way around) is important. If you operate on weekends, holidays, or even just outside of regular 9-5 business hours, your courier choices may be limited. Selecting a courier, like Speedy Freight, that is available when you need them to be is key for all delivery services, and especially for same day delivery.  

What courier has same day delivery? 


With ongoing logistics industry strikes, many companies have been falling short of fulfilling their same day delivery promise. There are increasing reports of significant delays across the delivery industry, which isn’t ideal if you have a last-minute need for getting something delivered quickly and reliably


Speedy Freight can help you navigate these challenges, as we are still delivering on the same day. Our couriers will deliver your goods from point A to point B in one of our dedicated vehicles.  


If you’ve found yourself in a stressful situation due to unexpected urgent delivery needs, you don’t have to lose sleep over it. Speedy Freight never sleeps so that you can—we’re available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. No matter what day or time it is, you can give us a call, and we’ll be on our way to you. We’re here to take a load off your hands, and off your mind. 


Speedy Freight’s Same Day Delivery Service 


Speedy Freight’s same day collection and delivery means that we’ll deliver your consignment to where it needs to be on the very same day that you place your order. We're here for you and your business needs anytime, anyplace.  


Whether you have a last-minute need or want to place an advanced booking, we’re here for you. Get started by giving us a call or simply filling out our form with your details to get started.  


We don’t call ourselves speedy for nothing—our aim is to pick up your consignment within one hour of you placing your booking. If you’re wondering how we do that, it’s because we have over 60 branches across the UK and Europe. Our team is always ready to go when you are. 


We provide a range of vehicle types suited to meet your company’s requirements. As a dedicated courier service, we’ll never co-load a vehicle with more than one client’s consignments – so you can be sure that your items are on their way in a timely and secure manner.  


It also means that our drivers will be on their way to your destination with no stops other than yours along the way, no worries about wrongly delivered items, and no damages incurred from being stored with other goods of various sizes. 


Ready to book a same day delivery? Speedy Freight will deliver your consignments where they need to be safely, securely, and right on time on the same day that you make your request. Contact your nearest branch and we’ll see you soon. 


Book a same day delivery with Speedy Freight. 

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