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What is a Chilled Courier or Refrigerated Transport Service?

16th September 2021 | by Aimee Spilsbury

What is a Chilled Courier or Refrigerated Transport Service?
Perfectly-prepared trays of plane food? Floral arrangements? Blood donations? Wondering what these things have in common? These are all things you might expect to find travelling by chilled courier (or refrigerated transport service)! Here at Speedy, we’ve moved our fair share of frosty fare – and we’re here to help transport any consignments you need to be kept chilly. Our temperature-controlled vehicles help everyone – across industries ranging from Events to Hospitality to Healthcare, as we can carefully calibrate the temperature of their consignments. Read on to find out more about our chilled courier transport options, when they work best, and how to organise your refrigerated courier service, with Speedy Freight.


What is Chilled Courier Transport?


Chilled courier transport is – well – exactly what it sounds like! Chilled courier transportation is simply vehicles which are refrigerated to ensure a temperature-calibrated environment, ideal for transporting sensitive consignments, food, beverages, ingredients, sensitive medical supplies or biological domains such as blood or tissue.  A huge range of industries need chilled courier transport, such as the aviation industry, for moving food and beverages, to the medical industry for moving equipment or medicines like vaccinations.

The temperature ranges inside or chilled courier transport can be between normal fridge temperature (such as you might use to transport food or drinks) all the way down to deep freeze temperatures for transporting medical equipment like Covid-19 vaccines!


Which Industries Need Refrigerated Courier Services?


Refrigerated courier services can be useful to a huge range of industries, as we’ve already mentioned. Keeping things cool can be essential to keeping a whole industry ticking over – from flowers and floral arrangements for weddings to transporting ingredients to food manufacturers, and much more! Below are just a few of the ways in which temperature-calibrated vehicles can be used effectively:


  • Medical transportation of biological samples, organs, blood or tissue donations

  • Medical transportation of highly-sensitive medical equipment or medicines e.g. vaccinations

  • Transportation of food, beverages or ingredients for restaurants

  • Transportation of food, beverages or ingredients for the events industry

  • Transportation of food and beverages for the airline industry

  • Transportation of flowers and decorations for the florist, marketing or events industry …. and many more!

Speedy Freight's Same Day Chilled Courier Transport


Our chilled courier transport service can take many different forms! We know that not everyone uses our chilled courier service for the same reasons – which is why we are able to provide a range of temperature-controlled vehicles ranging in size; from 8̊C to -25C.

Our same day chilled courier services aim to be with you within one hour of making your booking. This means that your goods don’t risk being exposed to the open air, or to any temperature which might affect their quality or safety. Our experienced drivers have been trained in temperature-controlled vehicles, so are well-versed in how to operate our specialised courier range.

Of course, chilled courier services often means that the consignment inside is sensitive, perishable or otherwise can be impacted by its environment. This often naturally necessitates a same-day delivery in order to ensure the goods arrive at their final destination safely and in the ideal condition. Speedy Freight’s same-day services operate throughout the week, weekend and evenings: in fact, we operate 24-7, 365 days a year-  so you can rest assured we’re always on-hand for those urgent temperature-calibrated consignments.


Arrange Your Refrigerated Courier Services


Arranging your chilled courier services with Speedy Freight couldn’t be easier! With no additional charges or separate booking processes for our specialist courier services, simply get in touch with your local branch below to find your nearest Speedy services. Our teams are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including evenings, weekends and holidays – so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to book your chilled courier services.


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