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10 Tips For Retail Peak Season From A Retail Courier Service

6th September 2022 | by Aimee Spilsbury

Right now, you're joining millions of retailers in preparing for the bumper retail peak season. It's your busiest time of year with Halloween, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, Boxing Day sales and the January sales all set to drive an increase in demand. One of the things you will need to think about is partnering with a courier service to cope with your busy delivery schedules.


As a veteran retail and e-commerce courier service, we're no strangers to the retail industry's peak season. We've been around the block, learning how to best support retailers and e-commerce brands over the years to deliver on time, every time even when the pressure's on. So, here are some top tips on how you and Speedy Freight can work together for your best retail peak season yet.


#1 - Tell Us About Your Forecasts

Let us know about your volume forecasts. We can then help you plan the right vehicle solutions, the right number of drivers, the types of delivery options you'll need - whether same day, next day or express - and identify which of our nationwide and international delivery hubs are best placed to help you meet demand.


#2 - Order Plenty Of Stock

Stockouts and stock replenishment can be a nightmare during retail peak season, which is why having your inventory levels prepared in advance is vitally important. Speedy Freight is so much more than a courier service, we offer a wide range of freight services too. 

Benefit from import and export services, warehousing, FTL solutions and more to ensure you have the stock you need to get you through peak season.


#3 - Plan Your Routes

During retail peak season, saving minutes and seconds counts. We can help to optimise your delivery routes to save you time and money. With a dedicated courier network across the UK, we can add real value to your retail supply chain by organising routes to ensure the shortest delivery times during peak season.


#4 - Partner With A Courier That Offers Full Transparency

Having to constantly chase your retail courier service for updates on deliveries, especially during peak season, can be frustrating and time consuming. There's no such issue when you partner with Speedy Freight for retail peak season. You can track every delivery at every moment. We don't leave you in the dark, and you can constantly update your customers on the status of their order. 

We also provide detailed KPI reports to monitor logistics operations closely, ensuring that all deadlines are met, and giving you complete transparency at every stage of our service. You will always know what has been picked, packed, despatched, and delivered.


#5 - Encourage Your Customers To Buy Earlier

Urge your customers to beat the rush of retail peak season and avoid delays by ordering early. Because we can offer same day, next day and express delivery, these services are more readily available prior to peak season.


#6 - Choose A Courier That Understands The Retail Sector

Working with a courier that really understands the retail sector and the challenges that come with peak season is a bonus, and takes the weight off your mind. Speedy Freight offers a complete end to end retail and e-commerce logistics solution, which is why we are a trusted logistics partner for thousands of retail and e-commerce companies.

We require very little hand holding and can come in and get the job done. Speedy Freight’s experienced, highly trained retail and e-commerce couriers can deliver ad hoc and bulk consignments up and down the UK and overseas. We help your retail or e-commerce business to meet your peak season order fulfilment quotas for added peace of mind.


#7 - Work With A Courier With Multiple Solutions

Having gone to all the effort of choosing a courier service you think ticks all the boxes, the last thing you want to hear is 'oh, we can't deliver that!' Trust us, it happens. You can go through the entire onboarding process with a courier service, only to find out at the last minute that they, for example,  'don't deliver abnormal loads'... eeek, what do you do?

Let's say you're a furniture retailer and you hear this for the first time when you come to book with your chosen courier service. It's important that you work with a courier that can provide the solutions you need, especially during peak season. Speedy Freight offers a range of specialist services and vehicles to ensure that you don't get caught out.


#8 - Pick A Courier With Dedicated Drivers And Vehicles

When you partner with Speedy Freight, drivers, and vehicles that you hire are exclusively yours. We don't co-load, we collect and deliver your consignments only. This saves you time, money, and reduces mileage to lower your carbon footprint - a feature that more and more customers want to see.


#9 - Select A Sustainable Courier

Retail peak season sparks a shopping frenzy that has huge ramifications for the environment. Customers are now actively seeking delivery solutions that limit their environmental impact. Speedy Freight takes its environmental responsibilities seriously, and as such, we have a policy dedicated entirely to putting those responsibilities into action

In fact, Speedy Freight - in partnership with leading retail brand, Argos and car manufacturing giant, Mercedes - has recently launched an electric van programme, demonstrating our commitment to reducing carbon emissions. With more delivery vans on the road in retail peak season, working with a carbon-conscious courier helps to improve your brand image and delight customers. 


#10 - Find A Courier Service With 24/7 Support

With more than 60 hubs, 4,000+ vehicles, thousands of dedicated couriers and a customer service team that works tirelessly, we're the courier service that never sleeps. In retail peak season, this works in your favour. Whatever, wherever, and whenever, we're ready for action at a moment's notice.

Even if you have your own delivery team, if you're down a driver because of illness or annual leave, we can provide driver cover. No job is too big or too small and we don't demand minimum volume or contract commitments. Whether it's one parcel or 1,000, you will get the same level of service. We're 100% flexible and agile.


Benefit From Our Retail Courier Service Today

Be prepared for the retail peak season by partnering with us. Find your nearest branch now, and get in touch to book our dedicated retail courier services.

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